Fundraising from home

Covid-19 restrictions mean that many sponsored events have been cancelled. But it's still possible to do so something fun and raise money at the same time.

Want to fundraise from home?

Whether we live inside or outside of a prison reading is playing a huge part in how we are coping with Covid-19. But 1000s of people in prison aren't able to loose themselves in a book, read a letter from a loved one or keep up-to-date with news because they can't read - your support will make a difference to them now and in the future.

And the good news is, fundraising from home has never been easier or more fun. It's also easy to let people know about your event and keep track of donations by using Just Giving.

Here's some ideas. 

Ways to raise from home

Virtual book club

Set-up a book club or switch your existing club on-line. Donate the money you would have spent on drinks and snacks. Why not start with Invisible Crying Tree available from Amazon here.

Donate your commute

Working from home? Unlock the power of reading without leaving home by donating the cost of your weekly commute.

Film night

Love going to the cinema? Host a movie night using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension. Friends and family can log on from their living rooms and donate the cost of their ticket and treats.

Donate your special day

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? With parties, meals out and pub meet-ups on-hold how about holding a virtual celebration? Ask friends and families to join your virtual celebration and to donate the money they’d have spent to give the gift of reading to someone?

Quiz night

Are you missing your weekly quiz night? Set-up a virtual quiz night on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Invite your friends and ask them to donate to take part. Set up a Just Giving fundraising page and ask for donations to be made to it.

26 letters

Use your exercise time to walk, run or cycle 1 mile for every letter of the alphabet. Do it all at once or over a days and weeks. Ask friends, colleagues and family to sponsor you.

Plant race

Chose your favourite plant and ask friends to sow seeds at the same time as you. Ask them for a donation. Decide how the plant wins the race maybe the first to bloom, the tallest by a set date. Ask them for a donation. The winner keeps half the sweepstake donation and you donate the other half to Shannon Trust.

Talent share

Host on an on-line class to share you talent. Ask friends and family to join you and donate for taking part in your class.


Take to you cupboards and wardrobe to gather your clutter together. Sell it on eBay or maybe a site like Music Magpie and donate the money you make

A to Z of fundraising

We've put together a short pack filled of fun fundraising ideas and information to help to help make your event a success.

Start fundraising with Just Giving

Letting people know about your event and keeping track of your donations is simple with Just Giving.

Sponsorship form

Using an on-line platform such as Just Giving is an easy way to manage your sponsorship. If you'd prefer to use a sponsorship form, you can download a copy here.